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The Maldives
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash
Artificially raising island heights or building completely new higher islands have been proposed as
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Photo by Water, Infrastructure and Resilience (WIRE).
The Water Infrastructure and Resilience (Wire) Centre for Doctoral Training is nurturing a new
Join us as a research associate. This full-time post is available from 1 April
James Bevan
Photo by UK Government, OGL 2, via Wikimedia Commons.
Sir James Bevan gave a speech at the University of East Anglia students last
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This conference will discuss how to measure the human cost of loss and damage
Water Move
Photo by Sue Thompson via Flickr
This project is similarly interdisciplinary, and looks to understand what insights from the social
Photo by Susanne Nilsson via Flickr
This project examines how and why high rates of water use occur in some
New research by the University of East Anglia highlights the risks of countries relying
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