Art, Climate Change, and Community Engagement

Image credit:Kevin Millican via Flickr

This episode is about art, climate change, and community engagement. In this episode we will talk to a panel from the Sainsbury Centre and Norwich University of the Arts to share experiences and insights from their recent event, “Going to Meet the Sea”. We will talk about understanding the role of the arts in communicating the impacts of climate change, preparing for adaptation, and building resilience within communities.

How does the act of walking deepen our connection and awareness of the environment that surrounds us? Can art serve as both a record and a journey? How can heightened attention and mindfulness towards our environment alter and enrich our understanding of the complex ecosystem of the natural world?

Prompted by these intriguing questions, the Sainsbury Centre, in partnership with Norwich University of the Arts embarked on a project entitled “Going to Meet the Sea – Art Talks to Climate Change” last February.

This pioneering event, inspired by the “Walking as Research” concept, featured a coastal walk in Great Yarmouth to spotlight the urgent issue of climate change and the accelerating erosion of Norfolk’s coastlines.

Facing an annual reduction of 0.4 to 2 metres, Norfolk’s coastline is predicted to meet further challenges due to climate change. This initiative aimed to explore the rich mosaic of the region’s landscape, which includes wetland habitats, farmland, towns, and historic features, through visual experiences, chance encounters, and in-depth conversations.

Our guests for this episode are Jago Cooper and Ken Paranada from the Sainsbury Centre and Louis Nixon and Candice Alison from the Norwich University of the Arts.




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