Asher Minns

Executive Director
Exec Director / Headquarters UEA

Role at Tyndall

I help deliver external impact through stakeholder co-design of research, public engagement, and evidence-based science communication. I am also Executive Director, and so also experienced in and do organisational leadership and management, financial control and planning, human resources, strategy devising and delivery, and an effective problem-solver. And make the coffee. I also train, promote and pollinate climate change research with my evidence-based approaches to the science of science communication within Tyndall and far beyond.

Role at Council
Exec Director / Headquarters UEA

Research Interests
I don’t do research myself as I’m a science comms professional and I’ve plenty to do already, but I am fortunate to be able to fund others to chase out my ideas for me. And I coordinate commercial consultancy as a pure form of knowledge brokering. Google Scholar says that I have 11 co-authored peer-reviewed publications with 3538 citations, which includes a heavyweight multi-author Science paper (1999).

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Asher Minns


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Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research School of Environmental Sciences University of East Anglia Norwich NR4 7TJ UK

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