Asher Minns

Executive Director
Exec Director / Headquarters UEA

Role at Tyndall

I have been at the forefront of innovation in science communication and impact and have developed and embedded many of the techniques around coproduction and policy relevance that are today standard in interdisciplinary research and I continue the development and application of these approaches within the Tyndall Centre. I lead the organisation in the philosophy of stakeholder co-design and co-creation of research, public engagement, and evidence-based science communication, and work with colleagues across all the Tyndall Centre partners to deliver impact, as summarised most recently in Truly Useful the Tyndall Centre’s publication to mark it’s 21st birthday. In 2001 I led the public engagement for all 50 UK Universities undertaking climate research at COP26 in Glasgow. I am a founder of the science of climate change communication, which like all my work, is about applying academic theory to practice. I have also been working with environmental artists for many years as another form of engagement.  Here is a retrospective of some of that work.

I am also Executive Director of the Tyndall Centre, and I deliver organisational leadership, management and strategy across the partnership, operations, financial control, planning and human resources. I also coordinate commercial consultancy projects as a pure form of knowledge brokering, including projects with governments and other clients. The current project is Tyndall’s role in the BEIS-funded £5 million CS-NOW programme, as well as smaller local authority and business contracts.

Role at Council

Exec Director / Headquarters UEA

Research Interests

I don’t often lead my own research projects but as a science communications professional I make a distinct contribute to the Tyndall Research programmes with a strong focus on stakeholder engagement, impact and practise. Locally to the University of East Anglia I am the Founding Chair of Norwich Climate Commission for place-based theory to practice and win funding for applied activities. Nationally in the OpenCLIM Project I am leading stakeholder engagement and the effective translation of national results to more local application, which is where adaptation decisions are made. I train, promote and pollinate climate change research with my evidence-based and novel approaches to climate communication within Tyndall and far beyond. On Google Scholar I have 11 co-authored peer-reviewed publications with 4275 citations.

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