Tyndall Research Strategy 2018-2022

The UN Paris Agreement is the greatest ever achievement of science for global policy research. We at the Tyndall Centre with professionals worldwide played a role. The Paris Agreement now provides new aspiration for the Tyndall Centre and how we engage.

We are also part of an even bigger global ambition, Paris’ climate action coupled with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These are principles to live our lives by, a planetwide opportunity to critically re-think how we live within the environment that supports us.

So, we have this year revisited everything that what we do across all our disciplines and universities at UEA, Manchester, Cardiff, Newcastle and Sussex. Where can we together make the biggest, fastest difference?

1. Accelerating Social Transitions
We research people at the heart of the transformation required by rethinking and reshaping the ways in which energy and resources are used to provide all our everyday services.

2. Overcoming Poverty with Climate Actions
We turn climate research upsidedown to understand how climate policy can support poverty alleviation. No Poverty is front and first of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.

3. Building Up Resilience
We identify synergies between urban and ecosystem resilience to support people and biodiversity. Our focus is delivering integrated policy priorities for cities and nature.

4. Reaching Zero Emissions
We develop new mitigation pathways needed while tackling the taboo of the hard-to-reduce CO₂ sectors such as trade, transport and food.

We support a new generation of dynamic skilled researchers to be 21st Century leaders of interdisciplinary science for sustainability.

We communicate our science and engage across all stakeholders.

We advocate for climate mitigation, adaptation, and overcoming poverty and we rigorously debate choices and consequences.

We develop low-carbon practices. Our own research demonstrates the urgency with which society needs to be zero-carbon. We know that researchers who ‘walk-the-talk are the most trusted.

Our next five years of the Tyndall Centre will see our research and efforts focus on supporting key decisions and transformations in society. By 2022 we will know if the Goalposts of the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals are in sight.


Tyndall Research Strategy 2018 draft for consultation