Asher Minns

University of East Anglia

Executive Director


Role at Tyndall
My job is to ensure the most effective external evidence-based science communication and stakeholder engagement across all of the Tyndall Centre partnership; take care of internal comms, and deliver operations in support of researchers at all ranks. 

Role at Council
Headquarters at UEA

Research Interests
I am a science communicator who specialises in knowledge transfer of climate change and other environmental research to audiences that are outside of academia. I have over two decades of experience of UK and international environmental sciences research, most of it as a science communicator. I am interdisciplinary with a humanities MSc in Science Communication, a science degree in Environmental Biology, and I am a fully apprenticed Radar Engineer. You'd like to know how to deliver the best engagement and communication? How you are heard is not the same as what you think you said.

My University career has spanned the Centre for Population Biology at Imperial College London, the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University, and the Tyndall Centre, working from its Headquarters at the University of East Anglia, as well as a Secondment to Future Earth Europe for 2 years.

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Phone: +44 0 1603 593900 / + 44 0 7880 547843

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Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research School of Environmental Sciences University of East Anglia Norwich NR4 7TJ UK

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Personal: @AsherMinns
Tyndall Centre: @TyndallCentre