The following list consists of all Tyndall Working Papers from 2017 back to 2011. If you require access to any of our previous Working Papers (2000-2010) please do get in touch:

Mr Asher Mins : or Mr Alfie Kirk:

Working Paper Title Number
Download Year
Assets for health: linking vulnerability, resilience and adaptation to climate change TWP163 2016
Mid-Term Review of Tyndall Research Strategy 2012-2017 TWP162a 2014
The challenge of communicating unwelcome climate messages TWP162 2015
Towards a culture of low-carbon research for the 21st Century TWP161 2015
Why do people decide to renovate their homes to improve energy efficiency? TWP160 2014
South Africa's Renewable Energy Procurement: A New Frontier TWP159 2014
The Green Climate Fund and Lessons from other Global Funds’ Experience TWP158 2013
The potential for thermal storage to reduce the overall carbon emissions from district heating systems TWP157 2013
Institutional Investment in the EU ETS TWP156 2012
Building Performance evaluation and certification in the UK: Is SAP fit for purpose? Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews TWP155 2012
A panel model for predicting the diversity of internal temperatures from English dwellings TWP154 2012
Appraising Geoengineering TWP153 2012
Credibility in climate change research: a reflexive view TWP152 2012
Adaptive Capacity of Transboundary Basins in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Sahel TWP151 2012
Sustainable livelihoods and cultivation of Jatropha curcas for biodiesel in India: reflections on alternative agronomic models TWP150 2012
Understanding the dominance of unilateral CDMs in China TWP149 2011
Global electricity technology substitution model with induced technological change TWP148 2011