Yi He

University of East Anglia



Senior Lecturer in Hydrology within the Tyndall Centre for Climate Research at UEA. She has extensive research experience in hydrological modelling, uncertainty assessment, extreme value statistics, flood forecasting, and water quality modelling. Her work has been funded by NERC, BEIS, RCUK, ESRC, DEFRA, China 985 Programme (with Fudan University), and China Huai River Basin Public Research Programme, as well as industries including EDF Energy R&D Centre (to assess extreme rainfall using a weather pattern approach) and AON’s Impact Forecasting LLC (to develop high resolution and spatially distributed hydrological models for the Rhine and Danube basins for simulating high impact floods, respectively).



2008    Dr.-Ing. Hydrology, Universität Stuttgart, Germany, 2008

2004    MSc. Water Resources Engineering & Management, Universität Stuttgart, Germany, 2004

1998    BSc. Civil Engineering, Tianjin University, China, 1998



9/10-Present   Senior Lecturer in Hydrology, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of East Anglia, UK (9/10-7/18 Lecturer, 05/13-09/13 Maternity leave)

10/07–09/10    Research Associate, Dept of Geography, King’s College London, UK

12/01–03/05    Research Assistant (part-time), Otto-Graf-Institute, Universität Stuttgart, Germany



Robert Nicholls et al. (Y He - CoI hydrological impacts) (05/20-09/22) "Open CLimate IMpacts modelling framework (OpenCLIM)", funded by UK NERC Climate Resilience Programme.

He Y, N Addor, Y Wang, D Goldberg (04/20-03/21) "The impact of climate change on water resources in China", funded by UK Met Office CSSP-China programme.

He Y, D Manful (05/19-07/20) “Habitat Analysis of Hippos in the Bui Park after Completion of the Bui Hydropower Project in Ghana”, funded by UEA GCRF-QR.

Warren R, Y He, D Guan, O Andrews (02/19-01/20) “Impacts and Risk Assessment to better inform Resilience Planning (IMPRES)”, funded by NERC Climate Resilience Programme.

Warren R et al. (Y He – WP lead fluvial flooding impacts) (09/18 - 04/20) “Climate impacts between 1.5°C and 4°C of global warming”, funded by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), CR18083.

He Y (05/18 - 07/20) Pan European Flood Event Set Phase 2 “Rainfall-runoff modelling for the Danube Basin”, funded by AON’s Impact Forecasting LLC.

Corinne Le Quéré et al. (He Y – WP lead fluvial flooding impacts) (05/17 - 10/17) “The implications of global warming of 1.5°C and 2°C”, funded by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

He Y, and S Dorling, (06/16 - 06/17) Pan European Flood Event Set Phase 1 “Rainfall-runoff modelling for the Rhine Basin”, funded by AON’s Impact Forecasting LLC.

K Hiscock and Y He, (09/15 - 08/16) DEFRA funded project “Catchment Management and Water Quality’ initiative (Case Study 3, Area 2)”.

He Y, Declan Conway, Zheng Zheng and Xiaoying Yang (01/13 - 06/16) China 985 project grant “Impacts of climate change on water security in the Huai River Basin in China”, collaboration with Fudan University.

He Y, Jinyin Ye and Florian Pappenberger (01/13 - 12/15) China Huai River Basin Public Research Fund “Verification and Application of Ensemble Prediction System (EPS) in the Huai river basin”.

He Y and P Bernardara (05/13 - 09/13) UK Industrial Mathematics sKTP “UK extreme rainfall estimation based on weather pattern approach”, co-funded by EDF Energy R&D Centre in London.

He Y and K Hiscock (10/12 - 09/15) UK EPSRC PhD project studentship “Application of a climate-hydro-biogeochemical model cascade for the prediction of regional impacts of land use and management practices on water quality under climate change”.

Demeritt, D, HL Cloke, and Y He (06/11 - 05/12) UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Follow-on grant “Improving the communication and Use of Ensemble Flood Predictions”, RES-189-25-0286.

He Y and Cloke, HL (08/09 - 07/10) Proof of Concept and (01/09 - 04/09) Partnership grant Innovation China UK (ICUK) “Novel Early flood Warning and Risk Assessment System”.



Pasquier U, R Few, M Goulden, S Hooton, Y He, K Hiscock (2019) "We can't do it on our own!" - Integrating stakeholder and scientific knowledge of future flood risk to inform climate change adaptation planning in a coastal region. Environmental Science and Policy.   DOI: 10.1016/j.envsci.2019.10.016

Rau M, Y He, C Goodess, A Bárdossy (2019) Statistical downscaling to project extreme hourly precipitation over the UK. International Journal of Climatology. https://doi.org/10.1002/joc.6302.

Pasquier U, Y He, S Hooton, et al. (2018) An integrated 1D–2D hydraulic modelling approach to assess the sensitivity of a coastal region to compound flooding hazard under climate change. Nat Hazards. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11069-018-3462-1.

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Past PhD students as primary supervisor

Markus Rau

Sam Taylor

Ulysse Pasquier


Current PhD students as primary supervisor

Qianyu Zha

Nicole Forstenhaeusler

Yixin Hu



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E-mail: yi.he@uea.ac.uk

Phone: +44 1603 592091

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Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
University of East Anglia
Great Britain

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