Ellice Parkinson

PhD Researcher

Ellice is in the 3rd year of her PhD at the UEA. Ellice’s PhD is concerned with drinking and low-intake dehydration of older people. Ellice conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to establish the prevalence of low-intake dehydration of older adults. Ellice is also conducting an in-depth ethnographic case study (The D-DRINC Study) to explore how older people living with dementia drink in care homes. This research will enable nuanced and evidence-based interventions to be developed to improve drinking and consequently prevent dehydration, for people living with dementia in care homes.

Prior to beginning her PhD at the UEA, Ellice worked as a Research Fellow in the NHS, within the Neuropsychiatry department. Ellice was the Study Co-ordinator for the Enroll-HD study in Birmingham, which is a global, longitudinal, observational study for people affected by Huntington’s Disease. Ellice has a background in Psychology.