Andy Large

Professor in River Science

Andy Large is Professor of River Science at Newcastle University, UK. Andy has over three decades experience of researching river and wetland ecosystems, focusing on how extreme events and climate change affect catchment vulnerability and resilience. He develops novel approaches to quantifying river geomorphology, social and physical effects of flooding, and assessing how rivers benefit society though ecosystem services provision. Andy is Principal Investigator and Hub Director of the UKRI GCRF Living Deltas Hub (Living Deltas), which is one of 12 ambitious interdisciplinary research Hubs funded by UK Government through their Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).  Working in partnership with researchers, governments, international agencies, NGOs and community groups and with a focus on impacts of climate change on delta society and mitigation measures, these Hubs will co-produce knowledge and share expertise to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to these growing environmental issues.  Operating on a model of equitable partnership with delta-dwellers, policymakers and the research community, a key aim of Living Deltas is to help Vietnam, India and Bangladesh raise livelihoods and resilience for sustainable delta futures and better achieve the SDGs in delta specific contexts.