Hao-Che Pei

PhD Student

Hao-Che Pei is a human geographer working on poverty and urban resilience in East Asia. His urban study is about alleviating homelessness through community-based practices in the global city of Taipei. His research explores how actors and agencies apply social innovation to tackle poverty in contextual neoliberalism with Chinese characteristics, in which innovative services develop under neoliberal discourse (e.g., de-institutionalised care) and Confucianism (i.e., collective familial welfare responsibility) for social justice.

Local practices for poverty in Taiwan normally engage with environmental issues for global net zero emissions by social economy (e.g., scavengers for recycling and crowdfunding by selling reusable food ware). My future East Asian study could be interdisciplinary for exploring urban poverty and environmental advocacies in resilience.

Research Areas