Tyndall Assembly 2022

The Tyndall Assembly last September 14-16 was held at Newcastle University, the first in-person assembly after two years. We were joined by colleagues from the University of East Anglia, Newcastle University, Cardiff University, and the University of Manchester.

We had a public event at the Life Science Centre with the topic “Does climate fiction influence society?”, hosted by Alistair Ford with Jessie Greengrass, author of The High House; Dr. Kat Steenjes of CAST; Dr Ella Mershon of Newcastle University; and David Thorpe, award winning scriptwriter. It was a discussion on the role of cli-fi in imagining climate futures. See the discussion thread here:


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The next two days were dedicated to different discussions on climate action and climate research: how to create local climate action in cities; Local climate action in the global south; Challenges of a resilient net zero future; and Working with citizen assemblies and local authorities.



We also had a look back at our impact as a research centre and how we worked with different sectors and stakeholders over the years.


And last but not the least, our PhD students gave their poster presentation on the last day of the assembly. We have seen amazing work being done by our early career researchers!


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