Tyndall Research Strategy 2023-2028

Delivering Sustainable, Transformative, Just, Climate Action


The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research has been at the forefront of understanding the impacts of climate change and societies’ transition to sustainable, low carbon and resilient futures for over two decades. The Paris Agreement in 2016, and the UK Climate Change Act in 2008, demonstrate the key role of science in guiding and shaping climate policy, with the Tyndall Centre delivering its evidence-base. This new Research Strategy sets out our priorities for the next five years 2023-2028.

Societal responses to climate change requires urgent action now and commitment to longer term pathways for transformation. Achieving a decarbonised world requires a radically different energy system and economy, transforming societal priorities and the ways in which people live. These changes have the potential to generate widespread benefits for society, but they also come with challenges, and are sometimes met with opposition. The synergies and trade-offs between different actions need to be investigated and understood.

Existing and future patterns of climate change and its impacts are experienced unevenly across the globe. Potential strategies for emissions reduction and adaptation have distinct implications for different communities. Social and environmental justice is a central framing for our work across all themes.

With this context, we have reviewed all our research across the Tyndall Centre. This process of reflection and review is ongoing – considering our effectiveness, positionality, impact and influence as part of our practice and creating spaces to come together as a centre to do this collectively.

Our overall ambition remains: Guiding Informed Delivery of Sustainable, Transformative and Just Climate Responses We will continue to develop new research agendas and ask cutting edge questions to shape research and practice across the climate and sustainability space. Building on our interdisciplinary, integrated systems thinking, and policy and impact focus across all our partners and disciplines, we strive to make significant and sustained research impact and positive influence via our existing work and our four interconnected themes.

To read our full strategy, view the PDF here or read below:

Tyndall Research Strategy