Radical Emissions Reduction Conference - Videos Now Online

Video recordings of talks given at the Radical Emissions Reduction Conference (10-11 December 2013) are now available for viewing online.


Links to the videos of individual talks have been included in this adapted programme of the conference.


download speaker programme as a pdf
download speaker abstracts as a pdf


The rationale and framing for the conference


Framing and barriers to radical mitigation


Understanding the policy context


Keynote address: Naomi Klein via weblink


Policy options for radical mitigation


Behaviours and political and social norms


Behaviours and engaging publics


DAY TWO, 11 December 2013


Governance for radical mitigation


 Delivering radical mitigation 1


Delivering radical mitigation 2


Mobilising action amongst non-government actors


Lifestyles and emissions


Pathways for radical mitigation


Closing session


Thanks to John Broderick of Tyndall Manchester for arranging the recording of the conference, and the Live Stream that made it available to a wider audience.