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Journal Article
D. R. Archer, Parkin, G., and Fowler, H., Assessing long term flash flooding frequency using historical information., 2017.
S. J. Birkinshaw, Guerreiro, S. B., Nicholson, A., Liang, Q., Quinn, P., Zhang, L., He, B., Yin, J., and Fowler, H., Climate Change Impacts on Yangtze River Discharge at the Three Gorges Dam, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, , 2017.
E. J. Kendon, Ban, N., Roberts, N. M., Fowler, H., Roberts, M. J., Chan, S., Fosser, G., Evans, J., and Wilkinson, J., Do convection-permitting regional climate models improve projections of future precipitation change? , 2017.
R. Barbero, Fowler, H., Lenderink, G., and Blenkinsop, S., Is the intensification of precipitation extremes with global warming better detected at hourly than daily resolutions? , 2017.
S. Blenkinsop, Lewis, E., Chan, S., and Fowler, H., Quality-control of an hourly rainfall dataset and climatology of extremes for the UK, 2016.
R. Dawson, Blenkinsopp, S., and Fowler, H., ) Science I: Trends; Science II: Extremes; Science III: Impacts; Science IV: Actions; Science V: Complicities, Feeling the pressure: poetry and science of climate change, Feeling the pressure: poetry and science of climate change, 2008.
L. J. Manning, Hall, J. W., Fowler, H., Kilsby, C. G., and Tebaldi, C., Using probabilistic climate change information from a multi-model ensemble for water resource assessment, Water Resource Research, vol. 45, 2009.