Whose ‘reality’? Discourses and hydropolitics along the Yarmouk River

TitleWhose ‘reality’? Discourses and hydropolitics along the Yarmouk River
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsHussein, H
JournalContemporary Levant
Start Page1
Keywordsdiscourses, Hydropolitics, Jordan, Syria, water politics, Yarmouk River

This article investigates Jordanian and Syrian hydropolitical discourses around the bilateral relations along the Yarmouk River, with a focus on the decreased flow of the Yarmouk River reaching the Wahda Dam. The article examines the bilateral agreements, the hydropolitical discourses they generate, and the competing solutions they open. By situating the analysis in the broader Jordanian–Syrian relations and considerations of power asymmetries, the empirical case study of the Yarmouk River Basin contributes to both hydropolitics and environmental discourse theory literatures.