The Public, the Private and the Hybrid: Mapping the Governance of Energy Finance

TitleThe Public, the Private and the Hybrid: Mapping the Governance of Energy Finance
Publication TypeOther Working Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsNewell, P
Secondary TitleThe Governance of Clean Development Working Paper Series No. 010
KeywordsDevelopment, GCD, UEA, working papers

Finance is central to the achievement of policy goals associated with promoting energy security, tackling energy poverty and addressing climate change. Mobilising, levering, steering and regulating flows of public and private finance in the energy sector presents a huge governance challenge. This mapping paper provides a typology of the governance of energy finance. It aims to capture the different governance dimensions associated with (i) the public governance of public finance (ii) the public governance of private finance and (iii) the private governance of private finance. It is suggested that the different dimensions of governance apparent in each type in terms of rules, decision-making procedures and the distinct patterns of accountability, participation and representation manifested, reflect different mandates, political constituencies and alliances and material capabilities. It is also attempts to show how the processual aspects of governance in this area in terms of who determines which issues of energy finance are addressed or actively neglected strongly affects the distributional elements of governance. This has an impact in terms of who benefits, who doesn’t and why and how effective action is overall at meeting its distinct objectives.



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