Governing policy evaluation? Towards a new typology

TitleGoverning policy evaluation? Towards a new typology
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsSchoenefeld, J, Jordan, A
Start Page274
Pagination274 - 293
Date Published07/2017
Keywordsclimate change, evaluation governance, evaluation policy, Policy evaluation, policy monitoring, polycentric governance

As policy evaluation matures, thoughts are turning to its governance. However, few scholars have combined insights from the evaluation and governance literatures to shed new light on this matter. In order to address this important gap, this article develops a new typology of ways to comprehend and perhaps ultimately govern ex-post policy evaluation activities. The article then explores its validity in the context of climate policy evaluation activities, a vibrant policy area in which the demand for and practices of evaluation have grown fast, particularly in Europe. The analysis reveals that the typology usefully guides new thinking, but also highlights important gaps in our empirical knowledge of the various modes of governing policy evaluation. The article identifies a need for a new research agenda that simultaneously develops a fuller understanding of these evaluation practices and the options for governing them.