Governing Clean Development: What Have We Learnt?

TitleGoverning Clean Development: What Have We Learnt?
Publication TypeOther Briefing Notes
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsNewell, P, Phillips, J
Secondary TitleGovernance of Clean Development Project Briefing 03
PublisherUniversity of East Anglia, University of Sussex
KeywordsCDM, Clean Energy, Development, governance

Research by the Governance of Clean Development Project suggests that current reform agendas will do little to rectify problems with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) unless important aspects of the politics and governance of clean development are addressed. This briefing outlines the need to change the political relationships that determine who benefits from the CDM, which go beyond reducing market transaction costs or overhauling the formal institutions of CDM governance. Policies are required that recognise these challenges and create opportunities to drive significant changes in how governance works for both climate and development.


UEA, Sussex

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