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Fullonton, Abhilasha; Jones, Christopher; Larkin, Alice

The Potential Role of Ammonia as a Low Carbon Aviation Fuel Book

2024, (Cite as: Fullonton, A., Jones, C., and Larkin, A., The Potential Role of Ammonia as a Low Carbon Aviation Fuel, (2023), University of Manchester).

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Foggitt, Ella; Hoolohan, Claire; Browne, Alison L

Water smart communities – What are they? What are they for? A review of industry and academic research.: [Enabling Water Smart Communities Project Report]. Book




Forster, Johanna; Lettice, Fiona

'For the Region; of the World': UEA's 60th Anniversary Civic Charter Book

UEA Publishing Project, 2023.

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Rayner, Tim; Szulecki, Kacper; Jordan, Andrew J.; Oberthür, Sebastian (Ed.)

Handbook on European Union Climate Change Policy and Politics Book

Edward Elgar Publishing, United Kingdom, 2023, ISBN: 9781789906974.

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Braunholtz-Speight, Tim; Sharmina, Maria; Hardy, Jeff

Smart local energy finance: is it possible to crowdfund SLES? Book

University of Strathclyde Publishing, United Kingdom, 2023.

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Chilvers, Jason; Stephanides, Phedeas; Pallett, Helen; Hargreaves, Tom

Mapping Public Engagement with Energy, Climate Change and Net Zero Book

UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), 2023, (UKERC is funded by the UK Research and Innovation, Energy Programme).

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Davies, Trevor; Taylor, Michael; Osborn, Timothy

The Stories behind the Painted Scenes: A climate mural for our times Book

University of East Anglia, 2023.


Kuriakose, Jaise; Wood, Ruth

Adapting the power system to a changing climate:: monitoring progress Book

University of Manchester, United Kingdom, 2023.


Fernandez, Iokine Rodriguez; Walter, Mariana; Temper, Leah

Just Transformation: Grassroot struggles for sustainable futures Book

Pluto Press, 2023, ISBN: 9780745344775.

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Ngangjoh-Hodu, Yenkong; Gazzini, Tarcisio; Kent, Avidan; Siikavirta, Kristian; Morris, Parveen

The proposed EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive and its impact on LDCs : A Legal Analysis Book

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, 2023, ISBN: 978-952-281-370-1.

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Welfle, Andrew

Biomass for UK Energy: Research Briefing Book

Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, United Kingdom, 2023.

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Braunholtz-Speight, Tim; McLachlan, Carly; Barton, Harry

International Round Table: Accelerating Climate Mitigation at City Level Book




James, Toby S.; Liu, Wei; Man, Caixia (Ed.)

Governance and Public Administration in China Book

1, Routledge, United States, 2022, ISBN: 9781032350820.

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Welfle, Andrew; Freer, Muir

UK Biomass Resource Availability for the Glass Sector: Exploring the Feasibility of Decarbonising the UK Glass Sector through Bioenergy Book

Supergen Bioenergy Hub, United Kingdom, 2022.


Jones, Christopher; Bullock, Simon; Tomos, Branwen Ap Dafydd; Freer, Muir; Welfle, Andrew; Larkin, Alice

Shipping’s Role in the Global Energy Transition Book

Tyndall Centre, United Kingdom, 2022.


Ward, Neil

Net Zero, Food and Farming: Climate Change and the UK Agri-Food System Book

1, Routledge Harwood, 2022.

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Pascual, Unai; Balvanera, Patricia; Christie, Michael; Baptiste, Brigitte; González-Jiménez, David; Anderson, Christopher; Athayde, Simone; Barton, David N.; Chaplin-Kramer, Rebecca; Jacobs, Sander; Kelemen, Eszter; Kumar, Ritesh; Lazos, Elena; Martin, Adrian; Mwampamba, Tuyeni H.; Nakangu, Barbara; O'Farrell, Patrick; Raymond, Christopher; Subramanian, Suneetha M.; Termansen, Mette; Noordwijk, Meine; Vatn, Arild

Summary for Policymakers of the Methodological Assessment Report on the Diverse Values and Valuation of Nature of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Book

IPBES, 2022.

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Smith, Adam; Jones, Matthew

Second and final report on research needs for verification Book

European Commission, 2022.

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Uribe, John Jairo; Fernandez, Iokine Rodriguez; Baquero, Jairo (Ed.)

Paces desde abajo. Desafios y oportunidades de otra Paz Book

First edition, Editorial Uniersidad del Rosario, 2022, ISBN: 9789587848885.

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Zeferina, Vasco; Hoolohan, Claire

Academic aeromobility post-COVID 19 Book

Tyndall Centre, United Kingdom, 2022, (Academic aeromobility : post-pandemic ; Conference date: 22-03-2022 Through 22-03-2022).

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Calverley, Dan; Anderson, Kevin

Phaseout Pathways for Fossil Fuel Production Within Paris-compliant Carbon Budgets Book

2022, (Cite as: Calverley, D. and Anderson, K. (2022), Phaseout pathways for fossil fuel production within Paris-compliant carbon budgets. Tyndall Centre, University of Manchester.).

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Inturias, Mirna; Rodriguez, Iokine; Wershoven, Jana; Burman, Markus Martinez (Ed.)

PhotoVoice: Monkoxi Reconnection: A tapestry of stories of autonomy, identity and climate action from the youth of the Monkoxi Nation in Lomerio, Bolivia Book

NUR Ediciones, 2022.

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Behrman, Simon; Kent, Avidan (Ed.)

Climate Refugees: Global, Local and Critical Approaches Book

Cambridge University Press, United Kingdom, 2022, ISBN: 9781108828772.

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Rowe, Rebecca; Arshad, Muhammad; Welfle, Andrew; Holland, Robert; Yuan, Ruoyang; Sparks, Joanna; Heaton, Catriona; Fothergill, Rebecca

Land Use Decision-Making for Biomass Deployment, Bridging the Gap between National Scale Targets and Field Scale Decisions Book

Supergen Bioenergy Hub, United Kingdom, 2022.

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Larkin, Alice

Written evidence to the Transport Select Committee, inquiry on Maritime 2050 Book



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