ToPDAd: Tool Supported Development for Regional Adaptation

Funders: EU FP7

ToPDAd is an FP7 project utilizing, refining and integrating existing methods and tools addressing technical and economic development in the key sectors energy, transport and tourism, assessing their aggregated impacts on health, environment and regional/national/EU-wide economics. The starting point is the methods and tools brought to the project by the partners. This includes a Clearing House Mechanism as an IT tool and database on climate change impact, vulnerability and best practices on adaptation. The Clearing House Mechanism contributes to the Shared Environmental Information System, the collaborative initiative by the European Commission and the European Environment Agency (EEA) to establish with the Member States an integrated and shared EU-wide environmental information system.

4CMR is leading tool development on adaptation strategies and vulnerability reduction in regard to energy provision; performing a gap analysis for adaptation studies and their ability to contribute to policy decisions; and providing stakeholder engagement.

Researchers Involved (from 4CMR)
Douglas Crawford-Brown
Ann Thompson
Mark Syddall
Scott Kelly

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