NAVIGATE (Understanding NAture’s multiple Values for InteGrATion into dEcisions)

Project Value: £799,726
Funders: NERC, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)

Led by Professor Mike Christie, Aberystwyth University, Rachel Carmenta (UEA, Co-I) and Adrian Martin (UEA, Co-I).

In July, 139 countries including the UK agreed a common approach to understanding the multiple ways people value nature and methods to embed these values into political and economic decision making.

The NAVIGATE project will, for the first time, use this IPBES value assessment approach to assess 4 areas of the UK, as test cases.

The field sites will be:

  • Welsh Woodland Trust forest in Neath, Wales, where woodland will be valued for its impact to reduce flooding, carbon storage and improving community wellbeing
  • UK National Forest, where scientists will value the benefits of woodland ecosystem services
  • Helsinki, Finland, which is one of the greenest cities in the world. Scientists will evaluation the benefits of trees and green spaces
  • Tanzania, where scientists will value the sustainably managed savannah woodland

The Navigate project is one of seven new interdisciplinary studies which will improve our understanding the significant economic value of biodiversity and how it underpins our economy.  To find out more about the other projects, please visit: Research to better understand the economic value of biodiversity – UKRI.

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