ITRC Infrastructure transition project
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ITRC Infrastructure transition project

Project Value: £ 4,730,842

This Tyndall project aims to develop a new generation of system simulation models and methods to inform analysis, planning and design of national infrastructure in the energy, transport, water, waste and telecoms sectors.

The UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium will inform the analysis, planning and design of national infrastructure, through the development and demonstration of new decision support tools working with partners in government and industry.

The research will deal at a national scale with: Energy, Transport, Water, Waste, and Information and communication technologies (ICT) systems.

For these systems the programme will: develop new methods for analysing performance, risks and interdependencies. Provide a virtual environment in which to test strategies for long term investment and understand how alternative strategies perform with respect to policy constraints such as: reliability, security of supply, cost, carbon emissions, and adaptability to demographic and climate change.



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