FIRE-ADAPT (The Role of Integrated Fire Management on Climate Change Adaptation for Ecosystem Services in Tropical and Subtropical Regions)

Funders: UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions of the European Union

“FIRE-ADAPT” is an international, collaborative and interdisciplinary research project, focusing on the role of Integrated Fire Management (IFM) in climate change adaptation for ecosystem services, in tropical and subtropical regions. Specifically, the project will investigate the role of different ecosystem management practices, such as prescribed fire, in enhancing biodiversity, carbon sequestration and values for local communities, which are called ecosystem and cultural services. To this end, “FIRE-ADAPT” will facilitate the mobilization of researchers and professionals through this knowledge exchange network. Participants are from the public and private sectors and will participate in exchanges in the partner countries: Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and the United Kingdom.

““FIRE-ADAPT” is the first network of scientists and professionals in IFM between two continents. In addition to creating new research, the project aims at generating and empowering networks to exchange knowledge. And, in addition, we focus on a very specific area of knowledge compared to other fire projects: analyzing how IFM practices impact on ecosystem services and cultural services in an integrated way, which makes the project unique” says Núria Prat-Guitart, project area manager at the Pau Costa Foundation and coordinator of the project together with Imma Oliveras, scientific coordinator and researcher from the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD). A core set of activities, co-led by Dr Rachel Carmenta (University of East Anglia, UK) will explore the cultural, and intercultural relationships with fire, management practices for fire control and also explore the non-material impacts of flammability on human well-being.

The project has a novel vision of integrating existing knowledge with newly generated research in different countries. In addition to obtaining scientific results, such as studying carbon dynamics in ecosystems and biodiversity conservation, it aims to transfer them to the general public in a more participatory way.

“There is a very negative image of fire. We come from decades of policies of total exclusion, of policies where we invest in extinction, but not in prevention. I hope that “FIRE-ADAPT” contributes to a paradigm shift where the beneficial effects of Integrated Fire Management are seen in fire prevention, as well as in the conservation of ecosystem services”, concludes Imma Oliveras.



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