DIVA Model
"Horsey Wind Pump" by Gerry Balding via Flickr is licensed under CC BY NC ND 2.0

DIVA Model: Dynamic Interactive Vulnerability Assessment

“Horsey Wind Pump” by Gerry Balding via Flickr is licensed under CC BY NC ND 2.0

DIVA (Dynamic Interactive Vulnerability Assessment) is a global scale sea-level rise impacts model.

It considers impacts due to extreme water levels caused by sea-level rise over the 21st century at global and regional scales. DIVA allows the user to insert future sea-level rise scenarios to project future impacts on a global scale. Metrics include: number of people potentially flooded due to extreme water levels, amount of land loss extreme water levels, wetland loss due to extreme water levels, total cost of damages due to floods, potential costs of adaptation to reduce flood risks.

DIVA has been used in a wide range of projects funded by NERC, DEFRA, DECC, DFID amongst others. Recent projects have included;

World Bank’s  ‘Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change’ http://climatechange.worldbank.org/content/economics-adaptation-climate-…

Foreign and Commonwealth Office/Met Office’s ’Impacts of climate change in a 4°C world’   http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/global-issues/climate-change/priorities/science/ 

Impacts of sea-level rise in Africa as part of UNEP’s Climate Change Adaptation programme http://www.unep.org/climatechange/adaptation/Portals/133/documents/Adapt…



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