CASPI: Low-Carbon Lifestyles and Behavioural Spillover

Project Value: € 1.5 m
Funders: European Research Council


A mixed methods project examining the personal, cultural and contextual basis of pro-environmental behaviour in seven countries (UK, Brazil, Nepal, China, South Africa, Denmark, Poland). The CASPI project is particularly interested in assessing the conditions under which ‘spillover’ occurs – in other words, whether one new green behaviour (e.g., recycling) leads to take-up, or in some cases suppression, of other green behaviours (e.g., taking your own bags shopping), and if so, under what circumstances.

Other Information
We have published findings on spillover previously. For example our research on the spillover potential of the Welsh carrier bag charge:
And before this, work looking at how consistent people are across a range of green behaviours:



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