One Bin to Rule Them All

Our episode is about plastic recycling. Our episode is in time for International Plastic Free Day, which is on May 25th. Did you know that if every person in the world stopped using one single-use piece of plastic for one day, we’d avoid over 7.6 BILLION plastic items on that single day according to the International Plastic Free Day organised by Free the Ocean? The plastic problem is enormous, but how can we better solve the plastic problem?

“One Bin To Rule Them All” is a project that has been working to develop a framework for eliminating consumer choice and confusion in plastic waste management, through exploring the development of a targeted sorting system that prioritises separation based on the creation of economic value in plastic waste to sustain a plastic circular economy.

Our guest is Adeyemi Adelekan of the Tyndall Centre at the University of Manchester.

Adeyemi is a Research Associate at the University of Manchester (UoM) and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP). His research interest lies in exploring organizational behavior and strategies within the context of sustainability transformation, specifically focusing on social enterprises, sustainable business models, circular economy and institutional work research. His current work is looking at business model innovation for the ‘One Bin to rule them all’ project, which is an interdisciplinary circular economy study that aims to improve plastic recycling practices in the UK. Prior to this engagement, Adeyemi obtained a PhD from Middlesex University London, with research that explored social enterprise strategies for the circular economy in Lagos. He also has an MBA from the University of Salford, where his research won the Dean’s Award for Excellence in the Business Innovation Live Project category for the year 2015.




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