Zhu Liu

University of East Anglia

Assistant Professor in Climate Change and Sustainability

Zhu’s research focuses on global sustainability and the assessment of the human impacts on the earth system in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. He hold Ph.D. in Ecology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2013) with joint training by University of Cambridge (2012).

Zhu have authored about 40 academic publications in Nature, Nature Climate Change, PNAS and other professional journals(See Google citation page). Zhu’s research has also been covered by 300+ international media outlets including by NatureScienceNew York TimesBBC, and CNN, and has been cited by policy stakeholders as scientific basis for environmental policies.

Some publications:
Trans-boundary health impacts of transported global air pollution and international trade(Nature, 2017)
Reduced CO2 emission estimates for China (Nature, 2015)
Steps to China's carbon peak (Nature, 2015)
A low carbon road-map for China (Nature, 2013)
Tie carbon emissions to consumers (Nature, 2013)
Emissions estimates: Make raw emissions data public in China (Nature, 2013)
Substantial global carbon uptake by cement carbonation (Nature Geoscience, 2016)
Unequal household carbon footprints in China (Nature Climate Change, 2017)
Targeted opportunities to address the climate–trade dilemma in China (Nature Climate Change, 2015)
Determinants of stagnating carbon intensity in China (Nature Climate Change, 2014)
The gigatonne gap in China’s carbon dioxide inventories (Nature Climate Change, 2012)
Outsourcing CO2 within China (PNAS, 2012)
Global climate forcing of aerosols embodied in international trade  (Nature Geoscience, 2016)

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