Vasco Zeferina

University of Manchester

PhD researcher


Vasco is a PhD Researcher in Tyndall Centre for Climate Change research, at the University of Manchester. His research looks at ’The Cooling Demand of Office Buildings and the potential effects on Power Networks due to the impacts of climate change’, and his project is integrated into the Centre for Doctoral Training in Power Networks. The research project aims to evaluate the predicted effects of climate change upon space cooling requirement at the whole building stock level, using dynamic building energy simulation results of archetype office models and combined with a synthesis model of the stock. The project is focused in an office district in Greater Manchester region and analysing the implications to the local distribution thermal and power network.



Vasco holds an integrated MSc in mechanical engineering and a postgraduate qualification in energy efficiency and renewable energy from the University of Aveiro – Portugal. After his graduation, he worked as a project assistant in energy audits and assessments of building systems and industrial processes. Prior to his PhD research project, he was an R&D engineer specialised in pre-mix and partially aerated combustion, working in the integration of this components in gas water heaters and boiler products.

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School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering

The University of Manchester,

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