Teresa De León Escobedo

Visiting PhD student

Teresa is a PhD researcher in Human Geography at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). She is doing a short-term research visit with Martin Mahony at the University of East Anglia. Her research focuses on the production of Regional Climate Scenarios for Mexico and the construction of anticipatory adaptation policies. Through interviews with climate scientists in Mexico and key policy stakeholders, her research explores how countries like Mexico appropriate global information and use it (or not) to inform adaptation policymaking.

She currently collaborates in the Research Program of Climate Change at the UNAM (PINCC) and in the Climate Ambassadors Program of Alianza MX- University of California. From August 2022- July 2023, she was an Adjunct Professor of Geopolitics at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Political Science at UNAM. In the professional field, she has worked with academic institutions, NGOs, and the private sector on projects about just energy transition, water sustainability management, municipal solid waste management, and climate policy. She holds a Master’s degree in Environment, Development, and Policy from the University of Sussex, funded by the Chevening Scholarship. Before that, she completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science and Public Administration at the UNAM.