Teresa Armijos Burneo


Teresa Armijos Burneo is a Lecturer in Natural Resources and Development at the School of International Development. She is a social scientist, with more than 10 years of experience in interdisciplinary research that critically explores the intersection between the environment and development. Her research combines approaches from political ecology, development studies, history and decolonial theories to study disaster risk, and the politics of resource management. Teresa’s research applies participatory methodologies and the creative arts to co-produce knowledge with those most affected by environmental change. She has worked in several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, including Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, St. Vincent, Montserrat and Guatemala.


She is currently working on different collaborative interdisciplinary projects that focus on disaster risk management, vulnerability and environmental justice:

2021-24    GCRF-NERC. Ixchel: Building understanding of the physical, cultural and socio-economic drivers of risk for strengthening resilience in the Guatemalan cordillera. Co-Investigator – UEA Lead

2020-21.  GCRF- Clusters Call – Risk at the Margins (RAM): a blueprint for defragmenting disaster risk reduction with populations at risk.  Co-Investigator

2018-2023GCRF – NERC – GCRF HUBS – ‘GCRF Multi-hazard Urban Disaster Risk Transition Hub. Tomorrow Cities’. Co-Investigator


Teresa officially joined the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research in February 2021 and forms part of the Overcoming Poverty with Climate Actions theme.

Teresa Armijos Burneo

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