Susan Hanson

Senior researcher

Role at Tyndall
Susan Hanson is a member of the Tyndall Centre's coastal research team and has investigated the impacts of climate change, focusing on sea-level change and extreme events, from local to global scales.

Ms Susan Hanson is Research Fellow within Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton.

Susan has been Researcher in the Civil, Maritime and Environmental Engineering and Science Unit (previously School of Civil Engineering and the Environment) since 2004 and is also a member of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.   Prior to this she was based in the Flood Hazard Research Centre, University of Middlesex.  Her main area of interest is coastal adaptation to change and has included:

  • Coastal implications of climate change: impacts (physical and economic), vulnerability and adaptive and management responses;
  • The development of sea-level scenarios for adaptation planning;
  • Coastal systems: physical and societal aspects;
  • Large-scale coastal morphological behaviour, including flooding and erosion.
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