Sudipta Goswami

University of East Anglia

Senior researcher

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Goswami, S., Warren, R. (2011) Configuring, Building and Running Models in CIAS UEA Repository (Chapter)

Gupta, S., Das, A., Goswami, S., Modak, A., Mondal, S. (2010) Evidence for structural discordance in the inverted metamorphic sequence of Sikkim himalaya: Towards resolving the main central thrust controversy
 Full Text UEA Repository (Article)

Livina, V., Edwards, N., Goswami, S., Lenton, T. (2008) A wavelet-coefficient score for comparison of two-dimensional climatic-data fields Full Text UEA Repository (Article)

Lenton, T., Marsh, R., Price, A., Lunt, D., Aksenov, Y., Annan, J., Cooper-Chadwick, T., Cox, S., Edwards, N., Goswami, S., Hargreaves, J., Harris, P., Jiao, Z., Livina, V., Payne, A., Rutt, I., Shepherd, J., Valdes, P., Williams, G., Williamson, M., Yool, A. (2007) Effects of atmospheric dynamics and ocean resolution on bi-stability of the thermohaline circulation examined using the Grid ENabled Integrated Earth system modelling (GENIE) framework Full Text UEA Repository (Article)


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