Stephen Birkinshaw

Research Associate

Dr Steve Birkinshaw has been a Research Associate at the School of Engineering, Newcastle University since 1997. He is a hydrologist with particular expertise in the computer modelling of river basins.

He has successfully carried out research in the following areas: nitrate transport and nitrogen transformation processes, cold region processes, wetlands, sediment transport, surface/groundwater interactions. More recently he has researched water flow pathways using temperature as a tracer, forestry effects on flooding, the use of satellite altimetry data to augment flow estimation techniques and surface water flooding.

He has published more than 30 ISI-cited articles with 15 as the first author.

Steve is in charge of maintaining and developing the code and providing support for users of the Shetran model. This is a physically-based spatially-distributed model for water flow, sediment and solute transport in river catchments.