Simon Bullock

PhD Researcher

Shipping, shore-power and climate change

The shipping sector need to make a rapid transition away from fossil fuels to play its part in meeting the Paris Agreement climate change goals.

The use of electricity by ships can help reduce fossil fuel use. First, ships can use electricity instead of diesel to provide power while at berth. Second, battery-powered electric and hybrid ships are becoming more common.

But both of these developments require new infrastructure in ports to allow ships to connect to the power grid: “shore-power”. Although such shore-power facilities exist at 96 ports globally, uptake is extremely low in the UK.


Simon Bullock’s PhD focusses on ascertaining the potential for UK shore power, identifying the barriers to its implementation, and assessing solutions to overcome these barriers.


Dates: July 2019- July-2022

Funding: Centre for Doctoral Training in Power Networks, EPSRC

Supervisors: Professor Alice Larkin and Dr John Broderick, Tyndall Manchester