Shalini Nakkasunchi


Shalini Nakkasunchi is a Research Associate working with Dr Oliver Heidrich at the School of Engineering, Newcastle University. Her research focuses on developing a methodological framework to account the carbon emissions of the direct and indirect energy use of a UK military base as part of a Living Lab project. She is a passionate researcher who believes in continuous learning. She fuels her passion for understanding the global environmental issues, especially carbon emissions associated with the energy use and waste management.

Although her first degree is in life sciences, her passion to resolve the global environmental issues has landed her into master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Energy Technologies.  She completed her PhD from Ulster University on Water-Energy Nexus of the Wastewater treatment plants, where she proposed strategies to minimize the carbon emissions of energy use onsite.

Prior joining Newcastle University, she has been researching on minimizing the energy consumption of flow check in the residential building by thermal flow mechanism at the Ulster University. She has a hand-on experience of transforming waste to biofuels from her previous employment at a renowned research centre in India and from her higher education i.e., master’s thesis.

Research Interests

  • Carbon accounting and reduction technologies
  • Renewable energies (including biofuels)
  • Waste management (including treatment and energy recovery)