Sarah Dunn


Dr. Sarah Dunn is a Civil & Structural Engineer at Newcastle University.  She has a MEng degree in Civil & Structural Engineering (2010), a PhD in Civil Engineering (2014) and has previously held an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship (2015).  Her research revolves around infrastructure resilience and aims to develop techniques that can recognise vulnerable areas within infrastructure systems, identify fragile system architectures and establish methods that can help to protect them from hazard.  She also has an interest in how individuals interact with infrastructure systems and the provision required in the aftermath of disruptive events.  Sarah has experience of working with network theory techniques (including spatial modelling), agent-based modelling and catastrophe risk modelling.

Sarah is an member of the Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence (NUCoRE) for “Cities” research, leading the “Designing and Constructing Cities” theme.  She was also a previous member of the EPSRC Early Career Researchers Forum, which acts as an advisory stream to EPSRC and aims to help set the direction of engineering research.