Rikhaparamita Siregar

PhD Researcher

Indonesia’s coastlines, once a backdrop for casual observation, now hold the key to my research. As a PhD student at the University of Southampton (School of Geography and Environmental Sciences), I explore the critical space where national climate change adaptation strategies meet local realities.

My journey began with a Master’s in Social Research (Australian National University) and a career as a policy analyst for the Indonesian government. Witnessing the disconnect between well-intentioned policies and their impact on communities fueled a desire for deeper understanding.

Now, I explore this gap through in-depth interviews and observations. My research focuses on how coastal communities grapple with national adaptation plans. Do these plans empower them, or hinder their ability to adapt?

Beyond comprehension, my goal is to bridge this gap. I envision communities actively participating in shaping their own adaptation strategies, becoming more resilient to the changing climate. It’s not just about understanding policy, but about empowering communities to navigate the storms ahead.