Raphael Tarpani

Research Associate

Dr. Raphael Tarpani joined the Tyndall Centre Manchester as a postdoctoral Research Assistant. His role focuses on the application of life cycle assessment (LCA), circular economy (CE), and digitalization to the water, health, and construction sectors in the UK. After receiving his PhD with a thesis about the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) of advanced wastewater treatment techniques, he collaborated in international research projects involving the environmental impacts of advanced treatments for pharmaceuticals removal from wastewaters in Spain, desalination in remote communities in northern Chile, and wastewater reuse and rainwater harvesting in Brazil.

His educational background is Environmental and Chemical Engineering, and his works have been published in several high-impact international journals including Journal of Cleaner Production, Water Research, Science of the Total Environment and Journal of Environmental Management.

Research interests

Life cycle assessment

Circular economy


Food-Energy-Water nexus

Research Areas

Water supply, Digitalization, Wastewater treatment, Resource recovery, Sustainability.