Peng Wang

University of East Anglia

Assistant Professor


Prof. Wang is employed by Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIEC).


Educational experience:

2010: Faculty of Energy and Environment Engineering, Dalian University of Technology. PhD. Supervisor: Prof. Mu Linhai

2007: Faculty of Safety Engineering, Liaoning Technical University. MSc. Supervisor: Prof. Liu Jian

2004: Faculty of Safety Engineering, Liaoning Technical University. BSc. Supervisor: Prof. Tang Guoshui


Scientific research and academic work experience:

2010- GIEC, Associate Professor (till 2018.12); Professor (since 2019) . Supervisor: Prof. Zhao Daiqing

2016: Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Energy and Climate, University of East Anglia, UK. Supervisor: Prof. Guan Dabo

2011- Annual Energy Model team member at the National Institute of Environment, Japan. Supervisor: Prof. Masui Toshihiko


Host or participant in scientific research projects (as Programme Leader):

2017-19: Study on Low-carbon Roadmap of Power System Based on Integrated Economic-Technological-Spatial Energy Model. National Natural Science Foundation of China

2018-19: Key Technologies and Demonstration of Smart Energy Management in Industrial Park. Guangdong Department of Science and Technology

2016-17: Research on the Reform of Natural Gas Market in Guangdong Province: Learn from the Experience of UK Natural Gas Market Reform. UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

2017-18: Guangzhou New Energy Use Mode Guiding Policy Research. Guangzhou Development and Reform Commission

2012-15: Research on Key Technologies of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. Ministry of Science and Technology

2011-13: Research on the Path and Value of Guangdong Low-carbon Transition. Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province

2011-12: Guangdong Province Industrial Process GHG Emissions Inventory. Guangdong Development and Reform Commission


Representative publications (up to 10, incl. co-authorships), research results and academic awards:

SCI: Peng Wang, et al. Achieving Copenhagen Target through Carbon Emission Trading: Economic Impacts Assessment in Guangdong Province of China. Energy, 2015(79): 212-227

SCI: Peng Wang, et al. Thermal Effect on Pollutant Dispersion in an Urban Street Canyon. International Journal of Environmental Research. vol. 5: 813-820, 2011

EI: Peng Wang. A CFD Model for Simulating Area Source Pollutant Dispersion in Urban Canyon. Journal of Environmental Systems, vol. 33, 29-55, 2011

Beibei Cheng, Peng Wang. The Analysis of CO2 Emission Reduction Using an ExSS Model of Guangdong Province in China. International Journal of Sustainable Energy. v35, 802-813, 2016.

Peng Wang, Daiqing Zhao. Integrated Assessment of Guangdong Carbon Abatement Policy Based on the Two Region Dynamic Model. Ecological economy, 2013


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