Osgur McDermott-Long

University of East Anglia

PhD researcher

I am currently undertaking my PhD in the school of Environmental science in UEA. My PhD focuses on the potential importance of climatic extreme events on UK butterfly populations in the UK. I have been addressing the impact these extremes have on population change but also their potential importance in driving widespread species decline. Another aspect that my PhD delves into is the appropriate scale at which to address the impacts of extreme climatic events. Should we be looking at regionalised or localised declines? My work also addresses habitat and its potential importance in buffering populations against extreme weather.

I would say that as a biologist, animals fascinate me but potentially more interesting for my work is the functionality and mechanisms of how things work. I have an innate desire to understand how and why climate change is impacting on the worlds organisms and in addition to that how we might counteract some of its potentially most detrimental effects.

Duration of your PhD

Thesis's Supervisor
Dr. Rachel Warren

Contact information

E-mail: o.mc-dermott-long@uea.ac.uk

Phone: 07849464936