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Dr Naomi Vaughan - Geoengineering Naomi is a Senior Research Associate and Project Manager for the Integrated Assessment of Geoengineering Proposals ( Her PhD thesis on the subject of climate change mitigation and geoengineering included an extensive review of the literature (submitted to Climatic Change) on geoengineering proposals and provides a synthesis of the major issues and specifically how they interact with mitigation. Lenton & Vaughan [2009] was the first paper to calculate the potential maximum effectiveness of the range of published geoengineering proposals in terms of radiative forcing. Nem is also the Co-ordinator for the GeoEngineering Assessment and Research (GEAR) initiative at the University of East Anglia (

Research Interests

Evaluating Climate Macroengineering options

Highlighted publications

Boucher, O., Forster, P., Gruber, N., Ha-Duong, M., Lawrence, M., Lenton, T., Maas, A., Vaughan, N. (2014) Rethinking climate engineering categorization in the context of climate change mitigation and adaptation Full Text UEA Repository  (Article)

Jordan, A., Rayner, T., Schroeder, H., Adger, N., Anderson, K., Bows, A., Le Quéré, C., Joshi, M., Mander, S., Vaughan, N., Whitmarsh, L. (2013) Going beyond two degrees? The risks and opportunities of alternative options Full Text UEA Repository (Article)

Pidgeon, N., Parkhill, K., Corner, A., Vaughan, N. (2013) Deliberating stratospheric aerosols for climate geoengineering and the SPICE project Full Text UEA Repository (Article)

Corner, A., Parkhill, K., Pidgeon, N., Vaughan, N. E. (2013) Messing with nature? Exploring public perceptions of geoengineering in the UK Full Text UEA Repository (Article)

Bellamy, R., Chilvers, J., Vaughan, N. E., Lenton, T. M. (2013),‘Opening up’ geoengineering appraisal: Multi-Criteria Mapping of options for tackling climate change Full Text UEA Repository (Article)

Vaughan, N., Lenton, T. (2011) A review of climate geoengineering proposals Full Text UEA Repository (Article)

Lenton, T., Vaughan, N. (2009) The radiative forcing potential of different climate geoengineering options Full Text UEA Repository  (Article)

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