Millie Prosser

PhD Researcher

Millie Prosser is a Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholar at University of East Anglia as part of the Critical Decade programme. Her research focusses on understanding the efficacy of climate litigation as a tool to achieve significant mitigation commitments, and climate action, from states and businesses.

Millie has taken an unorthodox route into academia. Her experience is grounded in sustainability focussed land-based skills (e.g., food growing, coppicing, natural building), acquired at places such as at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales and Kinsale’s unique Permaculture course in Ireland. She went on to attend Cumbria University’s woodland ecology and forestry course before moving to Lancaster University to obtain her BSc in natural sciences, focussed on ecology, environmental science and climate change. Her dissertation, examining how Lancaster City Council could appropriately respond to its climate emergency declaration via valuing GHG emissions in decision-making, was awarded the best BSc dissertation in Lancaster Environment Centre (2020).

After graduating, she received funding from the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation at Lancaster University to complete her MSc by research. Building on previous work, she identified a simple spend-based method, with Blackpool Council, to support austerity constrained authorities’ indirect emissions accounting. She has campaigned and advocated for Paris-compliant climate emergency commitments at Lancaster City Council and University and co-founded Lancaster Youth For Environment (LYFE), to harness and amplify youth voices locally.