Meghan Alexander

Senior Research Associate

Meghan is a Senior Research Associate within the School of Politics at the University of East Anglia. As an interdisciplinary Human Geographer, Meghan’s research is interested in the multi-level governance of natural hazards and climate change, and corresponding implications for societal resilience and well-being. Her current research investigates the path dependencies and self-reinforcing mechanisms through which policy ‘lock-ins’ are created, sustained and restrict capacities to adapt to future climate change, drawing comparisons across the UK, Germany and The Netherlands (as part of the ADAPT-LOCK-IN project). Prior to this, Meghan has worked extensively on the assessment and evaluation of governance for flood and coastal erosion risk management in the UK and Europe, examining various research themes related to effectiveness, legitimacy, social equity/justice, coproduction and citizen participation, as well as the science-policy interface. Her experience spans a range of research methods, supporting both quantitative and qualitative analysis (including stakeholder interviews, workshops, policy, discourse and legal analysis, Qualitative Comparative Analysis, questionnaire (online) surveys, case study research and Systematic Reviews).

Research Interests:

Environmental (risk) governance;

Climate policy and governance;

Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management;

Resilience and climate change adaptation;

Health and well-being;

Ecosystem services and ecosystem-based management;

Climate services;


Meghan Alexander

Research Areas