Matúš Seči

Research Associate

Matúš has a broad interest in using quantitative approaches and remote sensing to understand global change.

Matúš works with Dr. Matthew Jones, Dr. Rachel Carmenta, and Prof. Rachel Warren at UEA on understanding land management patterns in the Brazilian Amazon. He uses a variety of quantitative approaches such as unsupervised machine learning and dimensionality reduction to understand big datasets defining land management such as agricultural production, land cover, socio-economic factors, land ownership and protection, and supply chains. His goal is to understand the relationship between these patterns and wildfires and biodiversity loss. He collaborates closely with researchers from the National Institute for Space Research in Brazil.

Apart from his position at UEA, Matúš is currently in the 3rd year of studying BSc (Hons)
Ecological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Edinburgh where he also
researches environmental drivers affecting cocoa production in Western Africa with Prof.
Mathew Williams.