Mark Wilson

Affiliate Member of the Tyndall Centre

In 2013 Mark graduated from Uppsala University with an MSc in Sustainable Development and in 2015 he completed an MSc in Agricultural Development from the University of Copenhagen. He has taught at the Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS), Uppsala University. His research interests include sustainable agriculture and food systems, food policy, community-led initiatives and low carbon innovations.


PhD Title: Digital innovations for consumers to reduce food related greenhouse gas emissions

The aim of this project is to identify and characterise innovations which can reduce food related GHG emissions and have the potential to be scaled up. The focus is on apps or digital platforms which consumers can use to buy locally produced food, reduce their food waste, or eat less carbon intensive diets.

Features of the innovations which appeal to consumers such as the value proposition or business model are explored, along with how the early adopters use the platforms in their daily lives. The potential emissions reduction is quantified through an LCA meta-analysis which combines a range of reduction factors. Finally, the various ways non-adopters receive information about the innovations are analysed to understand patterns of uptake and how a more widespread adoption could occur.

Find out more at the SILCI project website

Thesis supervisor: Charlie Wilson