Mahda Rashid

PhD Researcher

Mahda is a is a PhD researcher at Tyndall Manchester. She is working on “Water in the UK: Changing patterns of water use in high-use households “with Northumbria Water. This project examines how and why high rates of water use occur in some households, and what can be done to reduce demand. With the aim of developing an experimental initiative to reduce domestic water use in these homes, working with Northumbrian Water to inform their onward water efficiency strategy.

Before joining Tyndall, Mahda worked as a researcher and facilitator at a social research agency specialising in public and stakeholder engagement. Mahda has worked on the design, delivery, analysis, and reporting of research projects for a range of clients including charities, multinational corporations, government departments and research institutes.

Mahda holds a BA (Hons) International Development from the University of Middlesex and an MSc in Environment and Sustainability from Birkbeck, University of London.