Lucy Njogu

PhD Researcher

Lucy is currently conducting an interdisciplinary research on ‘Sustainability of Aquatic Food Systems for Nutrition Security in East Africa’, with a focus on farmed and caught fish. She is using the food systems framework while applying mixed methods to understand if and to what extent the fish supply chains and fish food environments are sustainable. Her research will inform fish breeding and policy goals.

Prior to joining UEA, Lucy was working at Worldfish Centre as a gender, market and value chains analyst in the aquatic food systems.  She has worked in development research in various research institutions (mostly within the CGIAR), including World Agroforestry Centre(ICRAF) and International Centre for Maize and Wheat Improvement (CIMMYT). Her research work cuts across Africa and Asia.

Lucy’s research interests include sustainability of aquatic food systems, Gender equality and social inclusion in development, climate adaptation and mitigation.