Lorraine Dongo

PhD Researcher


Lorraine is a PhD Researcher within Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and the School of International Development. She is highly committed to climate change and international development, with an enthusiasm for cities (and other form of urban areas) in the Global South, particularly in relation to current and future threats from climate change to their sustainable development.

Lorraine’s current PhD research, is exploring the concept of resilience and the implementation of climate change resilience initiatives in urban policy environments such as the coastal city of Beira, Mozambique and the Global South more broadly. Using her case study as the key international climate resilience initiative – the World Bank’s Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR) – unfolding in an urban policy environment – Beira City in Mozambique, essentially, Lorraine is looking at what happens when ‘resilience thinking’ and its associated assumptions meet complex policy settings in urban areas of the Global South and vice versa. Consequently, she aims to understand the manner in which different elements of a policy making environment – discourses, actors and policy spaces – influence a climate change resilience-building process. As the research takes place in a city setting, it also explores how the ‘urban context’ influences the dynamics of building resilience to climate change.


Dr Heike Schroeder

Dr Kavita Ramakrishnan


Cities and Coasts

Governance and Behaviour