Karoline Rogge

University of Sussex

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Current Position with the Tyndal Centre
Research Fellow

Karoline is currently at the University of Sussex (SPRU)

Role at Tyndall
Lecturer in Energy Policy and Sustainability


Karoline Rogge joined SPRU as Lecturer in Energy Policy and Sustainability in November 2013 from the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (Fraunhofer ISI) in Karlsruhe, Germany. Her  interdisciplinary research combines insights from environmental economics, innovation studies and policy analysis to study the link between policy and innovation in the energy sector. Karoline's research ranges from evaluating the innovation impact of single policy instruments, such as the EU emissions trading system – the topic of her PhD at ETH Zurich – to analyzing the effects of comprehensive policy mixes for promoting the low carbon transition of the energy system. Regarding the latter, Karoline has led the GRETCHEN project (2012-15) investigating the influence of the policy mix for renewables on technological and structural change in Germany. She is also Fraunhofer ISI’s principal investigator of the European project PATHWAYS, in which she performs a multi-level analysis for the electricity sector in Germany. She also contributes here policy mix expertise to the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED). In addition, Karoline is currently investigating industrial policy and institutional change for smart energy transitions within the SET project. Karoline has been involved in advising the German government since 2004, including as a member of the scientific secretariat of the German Emissions Trading Stakeholder Group, and prior to that has acted as a consultant to the OECD and World Bank. Since 2016 she is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

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