Joshua Farnsworth

PhD Researcher

My research explores the role of cities relating to climate change and the power of green urban infrastructure, green finance initiatives and how cities can adapt and mitigate against climate change. I am also interested in understanding how a re-shaping of local politics and power structures within urban cities can be used to benefit the environment through engagement of different stakeholders in order to plan and strategize climate goals.

I graduated with a B.A in political science and government from Newcastle university in 2020 and an MSc from the university of Sheffield in Environmental Change and International development in 2021, where my dissertation focused on Urban climate change governance through city-to-city networking and the significance of grassroot organisations and community mobilisation.

Over the past year I have worked for an environmental consultancy as a climate policy lead, working with companies from an array of industries in order to plan and strategize different decarbonization pathways.

As part of my PhD research, I will be working closely between the Tyndall centre for climate change, as well as the Greater Manchester combined authority to develop the city of Manchester’s next five year environment plan. I will be taking an interdisciplinary approach to my research, combining a variety of different approaches towards development of the plan at the city scale. As well as this, delivering and applying co-production approaches to city infrastructure in the context of urban climate change will be a fundamental part of the project.